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Your Business
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Sales Strategies.

Delivering forward-thinking, dynamic sales solutions that elevate bottom lines and ensure sustained profitability, even in challenging environments.

Areas we can help you with:

Segmentation &
Territory Design:

Leveraging data-driven analysis to
design optimized territories
and maximize revenue.

Role Clarity:

Enhance team performance and productivity by simplifying roles, focusing on existing clients or prospects, and implementing compensation and policy changes that reinforce and reward outstanding performance.

Compensation Strategies:

Making more money for clients, aligning sales teams with financial targets, and improving overall revenue generation.

Talent Development & Promotions:

Foster growth and success by developing and promoting talented individuals, ensuring consistency, effective communication, and policy administration.

Evolution of
Acquisition Motion:

Prioritize revenue generation over customer count, resulting in improved acquisition strategies, better New Logos, and increased revenue generation.

Building a Better
Support Model:

Develop strategies to harness sales resources to drive efficiency, enhance customer experience, and minimize redundant payouts.



Welcome to a world where vision meets action! I'm Kevin, a formidable powerhouse with a three-decade-long track record in transforming business challenges into lucrative opportunities. From spearheading global mergers to managing multichannel sales operations, my journey has been nothing short of an adventurous voyage on the sea of business. 

What's my secret weapon, you ask? Strategic pragmatism. With a knack for crafting sales strategies and fostering organizational structures, I set the stage for enduring success. My mission is simple – to unlock potential, encourage exceptional performances, and transform ordinary outcomes into extraordinary achievements. 

Equipped with a keen strategic eye, I've mastered the art of streamlining sales production and optimizing organizational efficiency. The result? Enhanced productivity and skyrocketing profitability that surpasses expectations. 

Data is my ally, my compass in the rapidly shifting landscape of business. Leveraging its power, I have built high-performing teams and refined distribution strategies, especially in the complex domain of telecommunications. My approach ensures maximum output with minimum expenditure, guiding businesses towards hefty profit margins even in testing times.

As a maverick leader, I thrive on out-of-the-box thinking and an unquenchable thirst for innovation. While many resort to workforce reduction in challenging times, I see it as an opportunity to explore alternative solutions, increase revenues, and deliver extraordinary customer experiences. 

At the heart of my leadership style is a commitment to continuous learning. I cultivate an environment where individual strengths flourish, and shared goals are achieved with gusto.
Ready to redefine your sales strategy and operations? Let’s roll up our sleeves, shake up your sales strategies and take your business to an entirely new level.


Don’t take our word for it.

As a personal branding company, ELO Branding recognizes the importance of strong strategy and effective sales funnels. That's why we turned to Kevin when we needed the expertise to build our internal sales funnels and streamline revenue.

His insight and strategic approach have been transformative for our business. Kevin not only grasped our unique needs quickly but also crafted effective solutions that elevated our sales operations to new heights. The efficiency and effectiveness of our sales funnels have noticeably improved, leading to a significant boost in our revenue.

But what sets Kevin apart is his keen foresight and innovative thinking. His initiatives have modernized our sales techniques, ensuring our offerings remain compelling in a fast-paced market. As a result, we've managed to stay ahead of the curve and solidify our standing in the industry.

In short, Kevin's strategic expertise and hands-on approach have brought tangible results to ELO Branding. We wholeheartedly recommend him to any organization seeking to refine its sales strategies and enhance revenue.
Luke Curulli and Kate Allinson
Founders | ELO Branding
I had the good fortune to work with Kevin during our time at AT&T. His ability to absorb and interpret data is unmatched in my experience, yet it is his unique way of leveraging that knowledge into easily understandable solutions that truly sets him apart.

During the 5 years he served as my Chief of Staff, we were able to accomplish incredible things due to Kevin’s cross-functional leadership. His knowledge and experience allowed him to effectively collaborate with all disciplines: Sales, Finance, Operations, Marketing & Human Resources (People). Kevin’s talent to gain concurrence or consensus from that complex mix of key players is rare indeed.

While Kevin’s analytics, strategies and spearheading execution are assets to any organization, my favorite thing about Kevin is his positive attitude as an unwavering “problem-solver.” When faced with any adversity Kevin would huddle with myself or the team and say, “Here are some things we can do.”
That is point when the magic happens!

I highly recommend Kevin to help you and your business evolve and thrive, you
will be glad you engaged!
Robin MacGillivray
Corporate Board Member | LHH C-Suite Advisor & Leadership Coach | Corporate Officer at Fortune 50
During my tenure collaborating with Kevin at Equinix, I was impressed by his rapid comprehension of our business dynamics and his adeptness in contributing to our successive quarter-over-quarter growth. Kevin exemplifies strong listening acumen coupled with an earnest growth-oriented mindset, and a commitment to continuous learning. His proficiency became evident in discerning areas requiring support, as evidenced by his formulation of delineated roles, meticulous segmentation refinement, and substantial augmentation of net booking performance.

Kevin's approach to formulating a Go-to-Market strategy was underpinned by utilization of data analytics, assimilation of customer feedback, insights gleaned from sales leadership, and his past accomplishments in revenue optimization. It was through this methodical approach that Kevin's strategic prowess substantially augmented our team's value.

While collaborating with the leadership team, Kevin adeptly spearheaded a transformative "change management” initiative and leveraged his collaborative abilities to contribute to the evolution of our sales teams, ultimately culminating in an elevated level of performance.
Kevin Kull
Sales Executive | Customer Focused | Digital Transformation Expertise | Inclusive Leadership | Team Builder | Growth Expert | Global Deal Experience | Coaching-Mentor Focused | Channel Oriented | Collaborative

It has been my privilege to have known Kevin throughout his entire career. Over 30 years ago, Kevin served as a vendor manager in our Pacific Bell Sales Agency program. His work ethic, intelligence, and enthusiasm were truly exceptional, and he consistently delivered exemplary results.

Years later, Kevin assumed the role of overseeing Sales Operations for AT&T's entire Business Communications Service division, during which time I served as a Sales Vice President. In this critical role, Kevin played a pivotal part in supporting our various sales channels in numerous key areas, including Sales Compensation, Recognition, and Results Tracking. His team functioned as the essential lubrication that kept our sales machinery running smoothly.

Managing Sales Compensation for thousands of sales professionals who depend heavily on their earnings can be a daunting task, but Kevin expertly balanced the fine line between providing motivating incentives and maintaining rigorous business controls. His interpersonal skills, empathy, and genuine concern for others are truly world-class.

Kevin is undoubtedly a consummate professional, and his talents would be a valuable asset to any organization fortunate enough to have him on board.
Thom Matson
Senior Vice President

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Shifting Priorities
for Optimal Results.

Our unique value lies in our ability to change and adapt to shifting business health and priorities. We excel at finding solutions that impact cross-functional organizations, driving revenue growth, and controlling costs. By fine-tuning segmentations, role clarity, and distribution, coupled with policy reinforcement, compensation adjustments, and rewards, we create a comprehensive package that yields record-breaking performance levels for sales teams and business units. We prioritize the most valuable while caring for the total customer base, making existing teams more effective and significantly increasing profit with the same or fewer resources. We also leverage a mix of distribution channels, media, direct and indirect approaches, and strategic partnerships to augment existing business plans for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

At KM Kearney Consulting, we empower businesses with impactful sales and revenue consulting.
We are dedicated to driving maximum effectiveness, cost control, and revenue growth for our clients. Specializing in sales strategy, operations, and corporate strategy, we deliver dynamic solutions that elevate bottom lines and ensure sustained profitability, even in challenging environments. We offer innovative strategies that optimize business performance. Our relentless commitment to critical and creative thinking enables us to pioneer new approaches, serving customers, adapting to evolving markets, and delivering concrete outcomes.


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